I made some spoopy jack-o’-lantern patterns! feel free to use & as always crediting is appreciated!!

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hey here’s some of the backgrounds i’ve used in my themes+theme previews if anyone is interested

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Something very simple, just a cute little Rotom background. I felt like doing a rather simplistic Pokemon, so I chose this cute little electric ghost.

Feel free to use (for non-profit), credit isn’t necessary but appreciated! Please don’t post elsewhere!

Right now I am not taking background requests (partially because I don’t feel like making a new post for requests right now, and I need to finish up valentines).

You can see more of my backgrounds in my pokebackgrounds tag! c:


Xerneas and Yveltal patterns for all of you.

made them for Pokemon Day Chile


since many of you have been asking me for more gradient backgrounds, i recommend you check out this website! you can choose the style of gradient you want, the colors, etc.



more examples under the cut!

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gabracadabra: Redesigned!

I never cared for the old design, so I figured I should freshen up the look of the site for the new year. I hope to update more regularly in 2014. The site has grown despite the fact that I haven’t made anything new since September. I would be silly of me to neglect it any longer.

So…go get yourself some new themes. Or just go play with all the new link hovers.

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shadow redux edit by tukut 

preview (code & features under the cut)

yes hello im finally finished with this theme!! it was kindof a side project to work on here and there but im finally gonna release it since so many ppl have asked for it (i was using it on my sideblog)) anyway hope u all like it! 

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static spike butts for rub-a-dumb's birthday!! 

Pastel Pokemon Collection: 12-11-13


I’m making a little project of bringing all the pastel Pokemon I see around into a set, I will update each time I find new Pokemon that match.










Thankyou to glacecn for contributions

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» VOL I - Basic Structure
» VOL II - Sidebars
» VOL III - Posts
» VOL IV - Post Info
» VOL V - Customizations & Variables

Tutorial Series Notes & FAQ

Please like/reblog this post if you found the tutorial helpful!  ♥

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